Carson Hill Dry Press Machine Installed For Operation and Production

JANUARY 15, 2014, Carson Hill, California— Oro East Mining, Inc. (OTCBB: OROE), a global mines acquisition, exploration, and development group and pioneer in sustainable mining and refinery technologies, announced today that setup of the flotation refinery system at Carson Hill is under way. The dry press machine is being installed and service is projected to begin in mid-February.

Denise Chung, the President of Oro East Mariposa, LLC, reports, “This project has developed faster than anticipated and we are all excited to be working with the Sutton brothers. I definitely view this project as a case study in how well the East and West can work together. We’ve overcome many cultural obstacles to reach the point of understanding we have today between those of us who come from a heritage of East Asia mining and those who are third, fourth generation miners here in America.”


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