Company:      Oro East Mining, Inc. 

Ticker Symb.:  OROE

Market:            OTC

Registration:     Delaware

ORO EAST MINING, INC. (OTCBB: OROE) is a minerals development group. Past projects have included mining claims in Southeast Asia and North America. The company’s present focus is on developing gold mine claims in California. On June 12, 2014, the Company effected a twenty-for-one forward stock split


Oro East Mining, Inc. hails from a legacy of mining entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia who, after establishing a name for themselves in the East, are now carrying their aspirations to the West. Having teamed up with long-time American mining industry players, Oro East Mining seeks to merge cross-cultural heritages and technologies.




Carson Hill


Sierra Foothills, Calaveras County, California

900 acres (WMUs – approximately 70 acres)


Through its subsidiary, Oro East Mariposa, LLC, the company presently holds title to the leach pits containing concentrations of gold tailings left behind from the open pit mining that took place at Carson Hill in the 1980s (WMUs).  Phase I of its pilot testing operations is now in effect. The California Regional Water Board has approved the company’s proposed operations at the site. Presently the Carson Hill Project is seeking funding to expand operations to Phase II of refinery processing.



Red Bank Gold Mine


Mariposa County, California

55 acres


Through its subsidiary, Oro East Mariposa, LLC, the company holds exclusive rights over a lot of 55 acres in Mariposa, California containing alluvial (placer) gold, gold bearing quartz veins, and other precious and semi-precious minerals. The 43-101 report for the claim yielded rare earth elements, an opportunity the company is further exploring. Some drilling and assays have been completed to date, though additional geological studies will be conducted. Oro East Mariposa, LLC intends to develop small-scale mining at Red Bank.



Tian Q. Chen, Chief Executive Officer

Tian Q. Chen has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Company since July of 2010. He currently devotes approximately 80% of his working time to the Company, and spends approximately 7 months per year at the Company’s Philippine mining site, approximately 2 months per year at the Company’s office in Hong Kong and approximately 1 month per year at the Company’s headquarter office in the United States.  Mr. Chen has been an entrepreneur in finance and real estate investments for over 20 years.  Since 2007 until he joined the Company, he has been the COO of Oro East Mining Ltd. Additionally, Mr. Chen is the President and CEO of Mutual Gain Hong Kong Group Limited, a venture capital firm based in Hong Kong since 1990, where he has worked with family conglomerates throughout East Asia to learn the trade in gold, iron, silver, steel and other precious metals.  His firm has successfully invested and acquired mines in Singapore, Malaysia, the Republic of Philippines, the People’s Republic of China, and elsewhere across the Asian continent.  Mr. Chen was educated in East Asia and received his Bachelor’s degree from Guang Dong University.  Mr. Chen’s knowledge about our mining properties led to our conclusion that Mr. Chen should be serving as a member of our Board of Directors.


Edward Luo, Operations Supervisor

Edward Luo brings to the Company over 11 years of construction management experience. Mr. Luo is also a veteran, having worked in the aviation division of the United States army, supporting and maintaining Apache helicopters and serving one tour in Afghanistan after 9/11, which earned him numerous accolades and honors. When he returned, he transitioned into business operations and project management. At WM International Supply, he helped grow sales and developed a streamlined specifications and strategic plan for the company. With Allen and L Construction, a general contractor, Mr. Luo acquired a diverse portfolio of management and negotiation skills. Whether for his country or the private sector, Mr. Luo dedicates his best, and that indomitable work ethic is the key to Oro East’s operation successes.


Bart Hanford, Chief Mining Engineer

Mr. Hanford obtained his Engineer of Mines Degree from the Colorado School of Mines and is licensed in the State of California for his General Engineering Contractors License and Well Drilling License. He is a certified Mine Examiner and Mine Foreman, and is federally certified in Explosives with Hazardous endorsements under the TSA. Mr. Hanford has 43 years of continuous experience in the Mining Industry: Mine and Process Design, Engineering and Heavy Construction, Feasibility, Exploration, Bench Scale to Pilot Plant Operations, Site Operations, and Facilities Development


Patrick Sullivan, Ph.D., Civil Engineer and Geochemist

Patrick Sullivan is a civil engineer and geochemist who has taught at various universities and published several books, Ethics and the Practice of Architecture (2000); The Environmental Science of Drinking Water (2005); Value Driven Intellectual Capital: How to Convert Intangible Corporate Assets Into Market Value (2000), among others. Sullivan holds a doctorate degree from the University of Vermont and is often called as an expert witness to testify on water quality issues, oil and drilling, fracking, and mining



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