OAKLAND, Calif., August 17, 2015 – Oro East Mining, Inc. (OROE) (the “Company”) submitted a patent application on June 29, 2015 for proprietary equipment that would dry gold tailings in mining production through parabolic solar concentration (“patent pending Invention”).The patent pending Invention will help the Company extract water from dry tailings from gold mining production. The purpose of the patent pending Invention is to recycle and reuse all processed water. Such a process will advance mining production technology in a more eco-friendly direction, especially in light of California’s current drought.

Using cutting edge technology, a conveyor system was created to remove water from mildly dry tailings through direct, concentrated sunlight. Water conservation will also optimize the processing facilities. By recycling water for further reuse, the patent pending Invention will comply with sustainable and environmental mining practices.

Specifically, the patent pending Invention will direct sunlight to vaporize all water from the tailings with the vapor subsequently condensed, collected, and reused. The additional step reduces wear and tear of the filter press machine. The solids that are dried can be disposed of by dry stacking, which is low in cost and considered safe by EPA standards and won’t affect the environment. Oro East Mining’s patent pending Invention can thus potentially reduce the carbon footprint of the gold mining industry.

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