Red Bank Gold Mine

Mariposa County, California

55 acres

Through its subsidiary Oro East Mariposa, LLC, the company holds exclusive rights by way of a Royalties Agreement and leases over 55 acres of claims in Mariposa, California believed to contain alluvial (placer) gold, gold bearing quartz veins, and other precious and semi-precious minerals.

Some drilling and assays have been completed to date, though additional geological studies are scheduled for 2015. Oro East Mariposa, LLC intends to develop small-scale mining at Red Bank, commencing 2015.

Oro East Mariposa has hired Geo Solve, Inc., professional environmental, geological and hydrogeological consulting firm, to conduct further studies of the mine and to update the estimated reserve still available. Under the leadership of chief engineer and geologist Robert D. Campbell, M.S., P.G., C.E.G., Q.S.D., Geo Solve is currently conducting preparing its plans for drilling and further assays at Red Bank. With the initial study and lab results under way, Geo Solve believes there is a substantial reserve of gold remaining.

Contemporaneously, Oro East Mariposa has hired a number of mining consultants and mechanical engineers to assess the Red Bank Mines and implement a mining operation and design plan. Mining permit applications are also under way, overseen by Bart Hanford, a mining engineer.